How do you get a bigger dick – The answer is penis exercises

Can you really get a big dick and how do you get a big dick?

These questions are asked very often by guys and I feel it is important to give a honest and straightforward answer!

The truth is that it is possible to permanently enlarge the penis! Countless men have used penile exercises to enlarge and enhance their penis. There are even online support forums  where guys reveal their stories and get information! measuring-length Medical “experts” like to point out that growing the penis larger with non-surgical methods is not possible.

But the truth is that even surgical penis enlargements requires the use of stretching devices before and after to achieve a larger penis. Why not try penile exercises that mimic the same results but without the intervention of expensive and dangerous surgery?

Is It Possible to Get a Bigger Penis and where is the proof?

How do you get a big dick – Penis enlargement studies Several studies have been conducted to find out the effectiveness of penile exercises. One of those waspenis exercises chartham study the Chartham study conducted by Dr. Brian Richards. In this study thirty men took part in a 3 month long penis enlargement program using special exercises. This study was sent for publication in the the British Journal of Sexual Medicine and the British Medical Journal. In this study 28 men out of the 30 showed verifiable and permanent penis enlargement!

The results of this three month survey according to Dr. Brian Richards were:

  • Average girth increase: 1”  (2.04 cm)
  • Average length increase: 1.125”  (2.65 cm)
  • Greatest increase in length: 1.5″ (3.6 cm)
  • Smallest increase in length: 1″ (2.4 cm)
  • Smallest increase in girth: .875″ (1.4 cm)
  • Greatest increase in girth: 1.25″ (3.1 cm)

A survey that was conducted by a well-known forum showed these results

penis enlargement study

So there are many studies that show that it is possible to get a bigger penis with penis enlargement exercises. On top of that there are countless number of men who have gained anywhere from 1-3 inches with penis enlargement programs such as meCoach.

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Exercising the Penis

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Exercising the Penis

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How do you get a big dick – Keeping in mind!

  • It is necessary to keep in mind that getting a bigger dick does take time. It can take many weeks and months to gain inches. This is not an instantaneous thing and you must be prepared to have the right mental attitude.
  • Lots of guys have this belief because of the advertisements of various pills and patches that it is possible to gain 1-2 inches in just a few weeks. It is possible though to see significant improvements in erection quality and experience gains of 0,5 inches or so in 3-4 weeks but it is not 2 inches.
  • It is important to understand what it really takes to get  a big dick and what you must do. The quicker results you want and the more gains you want to make the better your penis enlargement exercise program needs to be.

How penile exercises make your dick bigger!

how to get bigger dick

Penile exercises work in many ways. There are many types of penile exercises that enlarge the penis in various ways. Here are some of the thing I learned from various penis enhancement programs that I bought that I want to share with you Just to give you a basic overview.

Stretching exercises for a bigger dick

Stretching exercises increase the length of the penis really effectively. When you stretch the penis then microtears occur in the penile tissue.    The penis gets larger once the body fills in the space created by these tears. Basically you create specific stress to the penis by stretching exercises and that stress creates micro-tears in the penile tissue and the body then has to repair the micro-tears. If this process is repeated many many times then gradually the penis will get noticeably larger and longer. IMPORTANT TIPS TO GET A BIG PENIS

  • Stretch your penis out away from your body – This type of stretching is great for general increase in length.
  • To the left and right – this kind of stretching is perfect for those who suffer from a curved penis.
  • Up
    How to get a bigger dick

    ward and downward – Stretching upwards or downwards places pressure on either lower or upper part of the penis shaft.

  • It is of course possible to combine stretching to various directions to maximize the areas targeted.

Compression exercises to get a big penis

Stretching is one way to apply stress to the penis to force it to grow and compression is another effective method. These exercises use compression, as the name implies, to create the stress. Compression is really effective in terms of penis girth. INSTRUCTIONS

  • Use an overhand OK-grip and put your hand around the base of your penis.
  • Place the other hand in an underhand OK-grip, tightly over the area where the glans of your penis meets the penis shaft. Do not put direct pressure on the glans themselves.
  • Slowly bring both hands slightly closer to each other, while compressing the shaft of the penis (like on the picture).
  • While the shaft is compressed, bend the penis shaft back and forth to put tension along those areas to increase extra growth.

Jelqing exercises for a big dick

Jelqing is a popular and effective penis enlarging exercises. Jelqing use a milking-motion to force blood into the penis and that extra blood stretches and squeezes the penis. The exercise is generally performed at a 50-75% erection level with some  lubrication. The idea is that wrap your index finger and thumb around the base of your dick, squeeze your dick a little to create some pressure and then slowly slide your hand towards the head of your dick. Just like stretching and compression exercises, jelqing also creates pressure inside the penis. To be able to effectively and safely grow the penis bigger, the pressure needs to be just right.

How do I get a big cock  – Important tips to make gains

In order to make gains on a consistent basis for months to come, it is crucial to follow simple and basic principles. Principles that can help you make gains faster than most. Failure to follow these principles will result in less than optimum results or even total failure.

How Do You Get A Big Penis

5 principles to increase penis size by 1-3 inches in record time

Knowledge is power

  • If you want to get a big penis then you must take the time to learn as much as you can about penis enlargement and how to perform penile exercises in a proper fashion. The more you learn the more knowledge you have and the easier it is to make gains.If your goal is to make significant gains (1-2 inches or more) then you need to exercise for many months. This means you need to know how to get a big penis in the first months and in the 4-th or 5-th month. If you want to make gains in the first months and keep making gains for 6 months or more then you need know a lot more than basic penile exercises and that is why programs like BuildPenis are required!


  • Support is a crucial aspect in anything really. It is hard to lose weight, build muscle, succeed in business or grow a bigger penis, if you have no support. But if you become a member of an online community and get personal one-on-one coaching then you will succeed!

Adequate rest

  • Growing a larger penis takes time! The first principle is to get adequate amounts of rest because for growth to occur there needs to be enough time for the penis to recover. The key to building muscle and building a bigger penis is to apply stimulate the penis with exercises and then let the body heal itself and recover. Too many guys fail to follow this principle.

Gradual increase in intensity

  • Another crucial principle is increase the intensity gradually not fast. Intensity has to be increased in order to keep making gains but the increase if intensity has to be gradual and well-though through. Increasing intensity too much too soon is one of the biggest errors beginners make.

Healthy penis signs

  • The third important principle is to pay attention to how your penis reacts to exercises. The clues that you get from your body are very valuable and failure to detect these results in poor results. When your erection levels go down, you stop making gains and your dick becomes more sensitive then it is a sign that something is wrong. But if you get positive signs then it means everything is going well and no radical changes are required! Growing a larger penis is impossible with unhealthy body signs!

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How do you get a big dick – Is it really possible?

How do you get a big dick? – Size matters

Lots of men want to know how to get a big dick. For many people this might seem like a none issue and for many people the size of the penis is not high up on the list of priorities but for others penis size is a very important issue.

75% of women say they would like their partner to have a larger penis!

What frustrates a lot of guys, is that they can not choose the size of their penis because it is already predetermined. If you happen to have a smaller dick then it is something you need to accept and live with – or that is at least believed by many!It is easy to say that the size does not have much importance but if you already to have some insecurities about your penis size, it is very hard to shrug it off.

Most men cannot have full sex for more than 3 minutes without ejaculating

How to get a big penis! – Scams to be aware of!

There are so many scams online, as you already know, which promise amazing penis growth in just weeks. For guys who are worried about their less than adequate penis length, are really quite desperate and therefore easy targets for all kinds of scammers promising 2-3 inch gains in weeks.

I have done research myself trying to find out methods that really do work and methods that don’t work. If a person has this strong wish to get a big dick, it is very easy to get scammed.

Methods that will not help you get a big cock

Penis enlarging pumps for a big penis

p pump

Penis enlarging pumps are generally used by men wanting to strengthen their erection and to get a big dick. Such pumps are really devices of suction that are attached to the penis. When this pump is turned on, it creates a vacuum  and the pressure created by the vacuum results in the penis to be filled with blood which makes an erection occur. If you also suffer from erectile dysfunction then you can benefit from penis pumps because of the effect it has on erection.


Causes for concern:

One of the main issues with penis pumps is that it is often used incorrectly. If the penis pump is used too vigorously, then the pressure which is created by the vacuum around the penis can cause vascular damage quite easily.

What can occur as well when using penis pumps is that the penis in some cases can be sucked in the cylinder and cause quite severe injury. The main question of course is: How do you get a big dick with penis enlarging pumps?

Well, the answer to that question is that you can not! Many studies have shown clearly that such pumps have no long-term effect on penis size. In other words penis pumps are ineffective and quite dangerous as well.

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Penis enlarging pills and patches for a big penis

p pills

Penis enlarging pills and patches are heavily marketed online, as I am sure you are well aware of. These pills and patches promise men an extremely convenient and discreet way enlarge the penis. Such ads are all over the web and you can also get bombarded with spam e-mail. The obvious question is that pills and patches are so heavily promoted they must work, right?

Well, the best way to find out if these patches and pills which are advertised, really do work as advertised, is either to try them yourself or do your own research and find out if these pills and patches really have any research and studies which show their effectiveness.
If you do your research you would find out that there is no evidence that such pills and patches, which are advertised to enlarge the penis by 2-3 inches in just weeks, have no effect of penis size at all and are purely sold to scam gullible people. And since such pills are approved by the FDA, one can never know what substances these pills contain.

Besides not increasing penis size in any way, such pills can actually contain contaminants that can be dangerous. Contaminants such as yeasts, molds, e. coli and also pesticides have been found in such male enhancement pills.

It is really important to keep in mind, when seeing such ads, that these pills are most likely not approved and regulated by the FDA or your local governing body, so no-one can never be sure what are the ingredients and the source of these ingredients in these products are.

Surgery for a big penis

p surgery
Surgery is another choice that men are aware of and the surgery to enlarge the penis itself involves severing some of the ligaments of the penis, which connect the underside of the pelvic bone to the penis. The theory behind penis enlarging surgery is that since one thirds of the penis is hidden inside your body,  by cutting some of the ligaments of the penis, more of the hidden penis gets exposed and this will make the penis appear bigger.

It is necessary to keep in mind though that the rate of dissatisfaction for such surgeries are 70% and higher.. Not to mention that these surgeries are very expensive and carry with it many risks such as losing the ability to have erections. I am sure very few men are desperate enough to take that risk. Surgery is really  for men who have some serious malformation of the penis and they really need surgery to correct that. If you just want a big dick, there is no reason to even consider surgery.


penis exercises overviewThe only thing that has shown to work and proven to work is penile exercises.

These exercises enlarge the penis in two ways: Stretching exercises lengthen the ligaments and penile tissue and squeezing or jelqing exercises create pressure inside the penile chambers and that leads to growth.

The corpora cavernosa chambers that begin at the base of the penis and end at the penis head get filled up with blood when you have an erection. The size of your penis is limited by the amount of blood these chambers can contain.

So if you do jelqing type exercises for example then this creates pressure inside the chambers and this pressure causes micro tears that the body has to repair. So every time you exercise you cause micro tears inside the penis which the body then repairs. If this process is done many times over a period of weeks and months then eventually these chambers are able to hold more blood and result in a bigger penis size.

The same is with stretching and lengthening exercises where you stretch the penis with each workout and if you do that correctly then the penis responds in a positive way. If you do stretching exercises for again weeks and months then the penile ligaments and tissue stretches longer permanently.

The benefits of penile exercises!

  • penis exercises benefitsA bigger flaccid and erect penis
  • Harder and longerlasting erections
  • Greater ejaculation intensity
  • Multiple orgasms
  • Stronger orgasms
  • A healthier prostate, which possibly reduces the risk of prostate cancer and other prostaterelated diseases
  • Prolonged sex
  • Larger ejaculation volume
  • Increased sex drive
  • Further shooting distance when ejaculating
  • Increased confidence
  • Reduced or eliminated penis curvature
  • Increased pleasure for both the penis exerciser and his partner
  • An overall healthier penis and penis vascular system
  • An overall improved sexual experience

The same is with stretching and lengthening exercises where you stretch the penis with each workout and if you do that correctly then the penis responds in a positive way. If you do stretching exercises for again weeks and months then the penile ligaments and tissue stretches longer permanently.

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